Are you a school counselor searching for answers to help your students?

Then TASSEL Time is the just the website you need to help find those answers.  We provide years of a counselor's internet research, all in one place.  This website was designed by a school counselor after recognizing the need for some type of tool or program to assist counselors in preparing students for college.

We provide the TASSEL Time subscription FREE ( to counselors.  Just complete the registration process below and we will send you your free log-in information.  We would love to have you become a member, and we value your feedback on how to make this site better for counselors, students and parents. Check out our testimonial page to see what others are saying about this site. We would love to post your comments as well.

School Pricing

Student Attendance Grades Price
0 - 499 10 - 12th grade $495.00
500 - 999 10 - 12th grade $995.00
1000 - above 10 -12th grade $1495.00

Please e-mail the address below, and we will forward you an invoice for your school which will include instructions on receiving your district username and password. Please include the number of students in your 10th-12th grade.




Just 3 easy steps and you are on your way to a free subscription! Step 1: read and electronically sign the counselor statement agreement. Step 2: fill out the easy counselor questionnaire. After your application is reviewed, you will receive an approval by email. For any questions, just email us!

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